Join us for the coronation of
Prince Jean Paul de Sens
Princess Gilyen Alienora of Clonmacnoise
and the tournament to select the next
King's Champion
Sept 22, 2012 
site opens at 8AM and closes at 9PM
please click here for the full schedule!


 Coronation will be held at the 
1901 South 9th - Durant, OK
please see our hotel page or restaurant page for more about Durant

$10 for adults
17 and under are $5
5 and under are free
Family Max is $30

King's Champion

As the day of Our Coronation looms nearer, so does the selection of Prince Jean Paul's champion. The format of His tournament will be similar to the tournament at Northkeep's Castellan event.

 Jean Paul's King's Champion Tournament will be a speed tourney with three rounds. Each round will be 20 minutes long.

 In between each round, there will be a ten minute break. The first round is fighter's choice. The second round is great weapon. The third round will be single sword. At the end of the tournament, the List Mistress will tally the results for Most Fights and for Most Wins.

Prince Jean Paul will select his Champion from the fighters who are vieing for that right.  

For more information about the event please see the official flyer or contact one of the event stewards Baronessa Caterina / Lady Margherita.

For more information about the heirs please see their page on the kingdom website.

Daniel Pupek,
Aug 27, 2012, 3:42 PM